Authors Instructions

The conference welcomes two classes of paper formats, which will be presented in dedicated sessions.
- Regular research papers (up to 6 pages).
- Short papers (up to 2 pages).
- WIP papers (up to 4 pages).

Paper Format

Authors are strongly encouraged to use the IEEE templates for their initial submission.

The IEEE template is available from this link :, US letter format

According to the IEEE format paper maximum lengths are the following
- Regular research papers are limited to 6 pages
- Short papers are limited to 2 pages
- Work-in-progress papers are limited to 4 pages

The final submission link (Full and Short papers)  for EDAS is the following:

The submission link (Work In Progress -WIP- papers)  for EDAS is the following:

For all accepted papers
Before the paper final downloading to EDAS website :
- Go to to Pdf-Express site:
- Create an account with the conferenceID: 45340X
- Convert your paper to the pdf format
- Fill the eCopyright form on the EDAS website


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